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Red Cliff Inspections provides home inspection and commercial inspection services in St George, Washington, Hurricane, Ivins, Santa Clara, Pine Valley, Damron Valley, Enterprise, and throughout the state of Utah! Please give us a call if we can help you with home inspection or commercial inspection services at 435-275-9204...

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What is the biggest cause of damage to a structure in an arid climate? It might not be what you think. Even in the desert it is –Water!

“But, I live in a desert”, you explain! “We get less than 8 inches of rain every year. There is sun shine here over 300 days of the year”.

The photos below is an example of damage caused by something you don’t see much of in the desert. They reveal were water has escaped a damaged gutter and saturated and stained the siding.


There are plenty of sources of water in and around your home including the environment (rain, snow, & ice) supply and waste plumbing, and other appliances and equipment. To protect against water damage a ...

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By Jim Fugate

In any real estate transaction an inspection is considered a vital part of due diligence. A thorough inspection reveals the condition of the property and provides needed facts to facilitate informed decision making.

However, because a commercial inspection is quite different than a residential inspection it is ‘best practice’ to seek out an inspection firm that thoroughly understands commercial properties - a firm that does not approach a commercial property in the same manner and mindset as a residential one.

The two most common mistakes when selecting a Commercial Inspector are (1) looking for the cheapest price, or (2) engaging an inspector without certifications an...

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When your current tester goes off 24" from the panel .... #homeinspections #Electrical Hazard

Older homes will often have more issues than newer ones. The home where this panel was located was originally constructed in the 1930's. It appeared the electrical system was upgraded in the 1970's. But it's not safe now! Better call a good electrician....

Electrical Panel Fault

Red Cliff Inspections provides home inspection and commercial inspection services in St George, Washington, Hurricane, Ivins, Santa Clara, Pine Valley, Damron Valley, Enterprise, and throughout the state of Utah! Please give us a call if we can help you with home inspection or commercial inspection services at 435-275-9204.


The image shows a Furnace/AC filter that has not been replaced or cleaned in quite some time, an extreme example of why these filters should be replaced or cleaned regularly. Hard to say what is growing in this fertile ground.
Photo source: AHSI Reporter as contributed by Randy Via, Charles L. Gleich & Associate,
Columbus, OH


Leaving all the tags in place that warn of electrical shock hazard does not make this situation any safer.

When conducting an Home Inspection, or Commercial Inspection, not every electrical hazard is this obvious. Red Cliff Inspections expertly evaluates electrical systems on behalf of our clients and reports on issues that should be addressed.

Photo source: AHSI Reporter as contributed by Chalres Gabriel of Inspection Plus

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

by Jim Fugate

Christmas and Thanksgiving are great times to gather friends and family. However, extra people can put additional stress on a home, it's systems, and appliances. It's a good idea to look things over before gathering, to help prevent problems. There's nothing worse than finding out the disposal leaks when the turkey is only minutes from the table, or that a previous spill in the oven has inspired an unwelcome holiday tune from the smoke detector.

Here are a few of the items to look at before your holiday is in full swing:

Check the Appliances:

Take a look at the appliances, clean them the up, and wipe them down. Ensure that handles are tight, and ...

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(February 23, 2015)

I was recently privileged to performed a inspection on a home that had been empty for about 1 year. This ranch style home, on a basement, was a solid structure. The wear and tear was very reasonable for a 20 year old family home. It was apparent that the family who lived there had loved it, and cared for it well - while they were there.

The time standing empty affected the systems and condition of this house. Without someone to consistently check on any empty home it will deteriorate over time. Things will inevitably fail unnoticed, 'creepy crawlies' and critters of all types will make their way inside, and dust will settle. In this case the heating system did not fully fun...

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(May 20, 2015)

Red Cliff Inspections (RCI) utilizes infrared imaging in every inspection. Employing infrared analysis in our inspections increases the confidence that important issues are observed and reported, including many details that cannot be seen with the human eye. Infrared imaging provides a greater amount of pertinent information to the client.

The expanded detail presented by infrared imaging and analysis is beneficial not only in finding faults, but also in confirming that things are as they should be. Thus, a better, deeper, and more detailed inspection is possible. This increases the quality and usefulness of the information provided to our clients. Relevant infrared images are i...

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What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is generally associated with a real estate transaction. It is a limited, non-invasive, and visual survey of the condition of a home. A home inspection should be conducted by an inspector who has received the training and certification to properly perform an inspection. A report produced by the home inspector should detail the specifics of what is found.

The inspector will report on what he can see. And, because of his training and experience, the details the inspector can see will reveal information an untrained eye cannot. Subtle discoloration of surfaces, cracks and residue on concrete, the appearance of shingles, and other subtitle clues may have...

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