What is the biggest cause of damage to a structure in an arid climate?

What is the biggest cause of damage to a structure in an arid climate? It might not be what you think. Even in the desert it is –Water!

“But, I live in a desert”, you explain! “We get less than 8 inches of rain every year. There is sun shine here over 300 days of the year”.

The photos below is an example of damage caused by something you don’t see much of in the desert. They reveal were water has escaped a damaged gutter and saturated and stained the siding.


There are plenty of sources of water in and around your home including the environment (rain, snow, & ice) supply and waste plumbing, and other appliances and equipment. To protect against water damage a few thing to keep your eye on include:
Water Heaters - listen for popping noise and look for moisture outside the unit
Guttering and Downspouts - fix leaks and keep them clean
Under sink and around toilets - look for wet spots and drips
Equipment - change furnace and A/C filters often and look for moisture
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